1. Create a service account for Quill

In the Google Cloud Console, navigate to the IAM & Admin > Service Accounts page. Click Create Service Account and follow the prompts to create a new service account.

2. Grant permissions to the service account

Grant the bigquery.dataViewer role to the service account for a dataset. You can do this by navigating to the dataset’s Permissions page and adding the service account with the bigquery.dataViewer role.

3. Create the access token

Create a new JSON key for the service account by clicking the Actions dropdown next to the service account on the IAM & Admin > Service Accounts page, and then selecting Create Key. Select JSON as the key type and click Create. This will prompt you to save it one your local machine. In the next step you’ll copy / paste the JSON into the Quill Portal.

4. Enter BigQuery credentials in the Quill Portal

Copy/paste the JSON key from the last step into the “access token” text box.

5. Add a organization ID field and set an admin organization

This organization ID field allows Quill to segment data by customer and enforce access controls.

When using a non-admin organization ID, the dashboard update will only go to that specific organization. The admin organization is used to push out updates to all customers.

6. Create SQL views

Use SQL views to decide exactly which tables and fields can be accessed. You can also make your database schema easier to query for non-technical users.